The other day I was on my way to an appointment, and I was getting ready to go on the freeway. Suddenly I see an older model van begin to turn out of the lane to get on the freeway. Smoke is sputtering as the vehicle juts out of the line of cars, swivels in to the next lane and drives away. I look at the road leading to the highway and I realize there is a backup. Well, I knew there was no expedient way to make it to my destination without staying on the path I was headed on so I stayed where I was. When I did make it to the freeway, there was some congestion but soon enough traffic was moving, and I made good time to my appointment. And I began to reflect on how often we can take the easy way out, the well-trodden path, something that causes us not to think too hard or act boldly. Sometimes a dream, an idea or inspiration begins to stir our hearts and then we begin to rationalize it away. Somewhere between the dream and the present-day circumstances we can end up driving away from destiny. I’ve been there, just riding the waves of life and deciding it’s just not worth the effort to fight back feelings of apathy. Life is so hard, right? It’s just too expensive, takes too much time. And it’s so comfortable here, isn’t it? No fear, no rejection, no anxiety–just nothing. But not too long ago I began to realise I wanted more. I would not allow the lure of laziness or the security of sameness to lull me back to sleep. As the years have shuffled along, I am reminded that tomorrow is not promised and that I need more. Not when I meet the right man, have that beautiful baby, move to London or get that high-paying job. Life is happening right now and I want to be a part of it. The path and purpose God has for me has already been written, but I have to be ready to be used in order for it to come to pass. My destiny will not happen in my passivity. So I’ve decided to use the gifts I’ve received and allow the Lord to do the rest. And just like when I was encountering resistance during my drive, I press forward refusing to deviate from the path before me.