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Recently I realized I had been working the majority of the year without taking any time off. I’d started the year with stress hanging over me and just plowed through most of the year not taking much time off. So it was with much relief that I was able to get away for a moment and celebrate my birthday last week. Being away from all things familiar was a rejuvenating experience. Encountering a lizard, hunting for seashells and witnessing a powerful storm gave my mind an opportunity to relax. I encourage anyone to take time away to rest your brain cells and allow room for creativity to flourish. You don’t have to get on a plane for a little R & R. Even if it’s an evening with a book at Starbucks or sitting at a park bench with an iPod–take time for yourself. And make it a habit. Tomorrow is certainly not promised and as much as can be accomplished in a day, there is still never enough time to do everything. When I was a caregiver for my mother I periodically needed some “me” time. At one point, I even scheduled it into my calendar. It not only blesses you but the people in your life. You will come back refreshed and more able to deal with whatever challenges you face.