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The past few years I’ve noticed something at the end of summer. Around August, squirrels begin to get ready for the winter. Quickly they begin to hunt around for food to “squirrel” away in the ground for later use when food becomes scarce. As time passes into fall, I’ve observed more and more of these little critters out and about, becoming furiously intent on preparing for the season to come. Without making necessary preparations they will surely perish. It’s rather fascinating how God places an instinct in these creatures to ready for a time that is not yet. The colder weather speaks to the squirrel and the bear. In the Arctic region, many animals have a change in fur color for camouflage from predators.

So I wonder how many opportunities do we miss or are ill-prepared to handle because we didn’t take the necessary steps to thrive in a different environment. I’ll admit I haven’t been the best in seasons before. And though God’s grace has helped me through those seasons, I would much rather use that grace for other occasions. Currently I am in a season of preparation. It happened right under my nose years ago in very small increments and now that the puzzle pieces are coming together I am becoming more sensitive for the necessity to be ready for the next level in my life. Sometimes I have lagged in energy, procrastinated or was just plain too busy with obligations to make room for this change. But my circumstances, my very environment move me to keep going, keep pressing and making room and space for opportunities so I can move smoothly to the next phase of my life. Let’s not fall asleep when we should be working toward the future that is waiting for us–our lives depend on it.

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox with Winter Fur

Arctic Hare

Arctic Hare with Winter Fur