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Growing up in America, I was told through a number of influences that life events happen based on chance, luck, fate or a random set of circumstances. Sure I bought into it. And the gravity of life can still try to convince me that things “just happen.” But my faith and my life experiences are so intertwined that I know for myself that my future is not based on the whim of some distant higher being. In my younger days, I had a dizzying number of traumatic episodes occur. I can’t say I pondered all the time about why things were happening. Mainly because I had to keep up with the pace of living. Then there were times as the tide ebbed and then flowed again I was questioning the reasoning behind it all.

But I also started to see that the people who had been whisked out of my life were only appointed for a certain period of time. We both gifted each other with precious lessons we needed to learn. Whether the relationships were healthy or toxic, it was all for my maturity. From each guy that I’ve dated or co-workers I’ve had difficulties dealing with, it was on purpose. Even losing people through death has strengthened my inner core and increased my sensitivity toward others in pain. So now as 2012 comes to a close, I am intensely aware that each area of my life is not random. Where I live, work, and worship–all are divinely ordered. The friendships I have and the family I was born into are all used to grow me up, encourage me, or reinforce my need to only rely on the constancy of my God for all the areas of my not-so-random life. Can you honestly say that your life has been a roll of the dice?