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Ever since high school, I’ve loved Claude Monet. As a senior in high school, I wrote a piece for my art class about Monet’s Gladioli for a Detroit Institute of Arts publication. There was something about the splashes of soft but vivid color. Maybe it is the romantic in me that is drawn to Impressionism overall. Edgar Degas is another favorite as well, but my heart was won over by the Father of the Impressionist movement.Gladioli — Claude Monet

Three Dancers in Yellow Skirts — Edgar Degas

When I was in college, I took a class trip to London and Paris. The collection of Monet’s artwork in Paris was awe-inspiring. I had no idea that Water Lily was this huge collection of work. I was dwarfed by the magnitude of his pieces and standing in front of such a reflection of pure genius is truly inspiring and humbling.

Reflections of Clouds on the Water Lily — Monet

In the summer of 2010, I visited the Art Institute of Chicago. They have a wonderful collection of Impressionist paintings. When I walked into the room and basked in Monet’s work, I promise you, I felt like my heart was soaring. There was this joy that just leapt right out of my spirit. His use of color, brushstrokes and lighting simply move me. Here are some of my pics from that visit:
Venice, Palazzo Dario — Monet, 1908

Stacks of Wheat (Sunset, Snow Effect) — Monet, 1890-91

Houses of Parliament, London — Monet, 1900-01

Do you have a favorite artist? No matter what the medium (art, music, poetry, literature), please share.