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So it’s that time of year again. Bright lights, mistletoe, wrapped presents, good food and holiday cheer. But it’s also a time of year I face without the closest member of my family — my mom. It’s been more than six years since she passed and it has definitely gotten easier, but I still have my moments. Last year around the holidays, I discovered some of my mom’s books were damaged beyond repair while in storage. I had a meltdown, tears and all, leaving me breathless and surprised all at the same time. Somehow remembering her, the good times we had and the love she blessed me with helps take the sting out of the loss that I still deal with today. So I thought I would share a poem she wrote a few years after I was born that reminds me of her love for me:


A child you are today. A woman tomorrow.

More reason to love you. To make you a star.

Some say girls are sugar and spice. I think you are made just right.

A pinch full of nectar, a teaspoon of nutmeg,

Sweeter than this no child could ever be.

For I gave God an order before you were born.

Make her a princess, a Jewel among Jewels,

So that in my life she would shine like the sun,

And give my life meaning,

A purpose defined.

A wish for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll see,

A woman of beauty, my child wait and see.

Margaret Lisa Haney