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I’m excited. Just bubbling over really. Maybe it’s because of the time off work that’s helped me refresh. Or the vision board I am almost finished creating. Perhaps the New Year’s Watch Night service at my church just reinvigorated me. But something is telling me there is something at work in 2013, something I could not have imagined this time last year or ever. This time last year was quite challenging but propelled me to where I am right now — writing and enjoying more and more of this journey called life.

I am not unaware of the challenges I currently face or of the ones I may contend with this year, but I know that God is on my side. New Year after New Year has passed and I guess I never really got what all the hoopla was about. Most people don’t keep resolutions and it’s just another year, right? But now I am discovering more of my purpose, relishing life and its opportunities. While relaxing into who I was created to be, I understand that each year has the potential to be branded with greatness, growth and fresh opportunities. In 2012 I saw the tide turning and doors opening to new avenues and pathways. These new landscapes left me surprised, thrilled and excitedly nervousness.

Living more and more in faith, shedding fear and boundaries! Here’s to 2013 and all that’s prepared for us this year.