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So I am shy, but I like being social too. Is that strange? Maybe it’s because I grew up as my mom’s only child. Naturally quiet as a kid, many of my classmates thought I was stuck-up. But if you really knew me, I wasn’t always so quiet. And so is true today. I’ve always been a big thinker and observer, but when you get to know me — look out! I’m a talker. The single-parent home I came from didn’t always prepare me for socializing. And I grew up Catholic. Unlike a lot of black kids, I didn’t go to a Baptist, Pentecostal, COGIC, or Apostolic church. We didn’t hug or dance during mass. Are you kidding me? Between crossing ourselves and sitting up and down and sitting up and down again, there was no room for fraternization of that type. The most we had in physical contact was a handshake and a “Peace be with you.”

I’ve come a long way from the 80s and 90s. So now fast-forward and I usually have no problem starting a conversation with a complete stranger. All my friends know I speak my mind on a lot of issues and they appreciate my off-the-wall humor, usually at some point saying, “You are crazy.” But every once in a while the shy girl comes out at the oddest moments. I may walk down the hall of my church or the office of my job and someone else is walking toward me. Should I say hi? Will they pass me before I can say hello? Will they think I am snob? But I have come a long way and for the most part I am pretty comfortable around people. Going to college and working in corporate America helped me become more social and my love of travel and culture makes me a straight-up extrovert at times. Hopping on a subway with a bunch of strangers to an unknown destination is thrilling to me. Having friends of all shades and backgrounds has broadened my heart and horizons. Flirting suddenly becomes a lot easier. Go figure! I expect as I get older I will get better in this area. It’s been pretty cool becoming a butterfly.

At a cage fight a few years back. Definitely not the shy girl I used to be.

At a cage fight a few years back. Definitely not the same shy girl I used to be.


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