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My blogging journey began last summer and to my wonderful surprise, I really enjoy the writing process, the feedback from others and the unexpected blessings that have come out of this latest season in my life. This was not an overnight decision and honestly has been in the making for several years now — unbeknowst to me. My desire for something totally different lead me in this direction. I was finally pushed into a position to use the gift God has given me — my writing. A couple of years ago, I experienced a season filled with promise only to realize it was an illusion. Though deeply disappointing, it helped propel me to a path God had prepared for me. Honestly, I never saw myself as a blogger. For years people have told me I should write, but I shrugged it off because I thought it meant being a journalist for a newspaper or a writer for a company willing to sell empty dreams. And I just never really saw myself doing something so structured. Maybe I was still burned out from writing papers for college. After all, it took me five years to graduate from college and after caregiving for my mother for several years I have to admit my own dreams and aspirations sometimes took a backseat between doctor visits, medical tests and hospital stays along with the inevitable ebb and flow of life in general.

Fast forward past those years and … I recently found myself looking to change the course of my trajectory, slowly beginning to open myself up to avenues I previously shunned. For a brief moment I took that “disappointing” detour that was sure to lead to a dead end — but God! His wisdom lead me to take myself right back on the straight and narrow way toward His purpose and plan. All the creative thoughts and instincts He poured into my spirit that were once dormant have come alive in me. I started to see blogging as an expression of my own passions and interests, not bound by deadlines, assignments or the opinions of others. My love of music, movies, art, travel and culture is something the Lord has placed in me and not just for my good pleasure. I must submit and surrender my gifts and passion for His holy purpose. I thank Him for His eternal patience, mercy and grace toward me. He could have taken away the talents He’s blessed me with, but He didn’t.

Sometimes I do have to fight insecurities and fears in this new, brave world, but I do know that if He has led me here then He is on my side. Thank you to anyone who has had read my posts heretofore and posted a comment or forwarded my words on to others. Your support means more than you can ever know. Thanks for taking this journey with me. All I can share with you is what I am learning and experiencing. And I just encourage you as well as myself to look at disappointments in life as mere disguises of a hidden blessing that has yet to be revealed, an agent of maturity to refine your character and minister to others along the way.

NightWGirls1Excited about the journey…