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Oh, how I remember Easter as a child. Back then the holiday was not about celebrating the risen Savior, but about the precious and anticipated Easter basket. What little treasures would my cellophane-wrapped bounty hold that year? I was never a fan of the marshmallow-based candy, but I loved the jelly beans. I gleefully devoured them all, save the black and white ones (not the tastiest ones in the bunch to me). And then there was the pièce de résistance — the chocolate Easter bunny. I recall it being encased in its own box within the middle of the basket, like it was the best part of this once-a-year treat. But actually the most disappointing part about the candy was the rabbit-inspired chocolate. I don’t ever recall finishing one. The taste was dull, faintly waxy and even to an unsophisticated young palate — gross. And the most remarkable feature was that often it was hollow, just a huge shell of chocolate that greeted my tongue with air once my teeth sunk into it.


And it makes me think about other things in adulthood we anticipate: fortune, cars, spouses, careers… Isn’t it funny that sometimes what we most desire, the great prize or golden ticket is not as it appears? We pace and pray and mark a date on the calendar of our lives, only to find as we unwrap the layers of a dream that it’s EMPTY. I think it’s as we mature and become more discerning we wait and prepare for something deeper, filling and more beneficial for our lives. And though there will be things that will cross our path, appearing “pleasing to the eye,” it’s just best to give it time and test it before God.

Blessings on this upcoming Resurrection Day!