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Dear Young Heart,

I know it looks a little murky right now, doesn’t it? But you’ve come so far already. You are on the cusp of greatness. You’re getting ready to graduate. And mom’s doing so much better now. Enjoy your friendship with her and the blessing of a mother’s unconditional love.

Life’s circumstances have forced you to grow up quickly, but this will be a huge benefit in the future. While some your age may appear to be soaring and you feel as if you’re languishing, it is far from the truth. And despite your knowledge and wisdom, there are parts of you still so tender and new to this world. Cradle your heart carefully. There will be ones who plan to ravish your emotions and your esteem. Their motives are selfish, fearful and insincere. They still have so much growing to do as well. Some will place blame at your feet for their own failings. Don’t pick it up.

You deserve respect, love and affection. Pay attention to a man’s ACTIONS. It’s a true barometer for whether or not his heart is selfless or full of self. Don’t esteem the pedigreed performance or appearance of perfection.


In preparation for a relationship: Practice putting a loved one’s needs above your own. Nurture your thoughtfulness and desire to be of service through helping your family and others God places in your path. Remember that someone who truly loves you makes time for you, listens to you and makes you his priority and you won’t have to fight for a place in his life because he will want to be in yours. Observe good and not-so-good marriages to learn from others what a successful relationship should be.

Your friendships with other women will change and evolve over time. Some may be for a lifetime while others may be temporary. Be quick to forgive hurtful actions but always remember the lesson learned. Don’t be afraid to let go and embrace new relationships.

Cultivate your interests and passions and you stir the gifts God’s put in you. Your life is not just about caregiving. This season is not just about this moment either. It’s building your core so you can bear the weight of blessings to come. Watch the world around you bloom under your touch. Take time to breathe in the present and resist excessive planning to be flexible for the unexpected.


Waiting is not a bad thing. Disappointment may sometimes mean you really avoided a disaster. It’s frustrating sometimes but it will deepen your level of appreciation when a promise is fulfilled. Every ounce of provision you will ever need is already prepared. You don’t hold the burden of keeping it all together for your family. Not every step needs calculation. As you walk, watch the road unfold before you. You will be just fine despite attacks that will try to distract you from what has already been won for you — your victory over everything in your way. Before you were born, God has been on your side. Talk to Him often and know He is the author of your life.

You Are Truly Loved First (1 John 4:19)