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We all probably know someone who’s an extreme go-getter, a type A personality on steroids. These people are so driven and ambitious that sleep is their enemy and progress makes them hungry for the impossible, mysteriously achieving feats that draw envy from mere mortals. Miraculously these folks have boundless enthusiasm and an effervescent spirit, making friends with every person who crosses their path. Not to say that I’m not social, but I am little shy. I’ve talked about this in my “Shy and Social — That’s Me” post back in February. For me my challenge was finding something I was passionate about. No one knew this until now, but I used to beat myself up a bit about not being one of those business-card toting entrepreneurs with my own “mission and vision” for my financial/career goals. I just frankly wasn’t moved by the passion points others had about what they were pursuing. Catering? Uh, no. I can cook, but it’s not something I enjoy as much as the end result. Artist or fashion designer? My drawing skills are mediocre, and I’d much rather buy it versus make it. Financial consultant? Simple answer — hate math. #Fail

I may not have an aggressive, “follow-me” personality, but I won’t jump on a bandwagon just because everyone else is doing it. Quietly I am a non-conformist, but my desire is to be genuine and impassioned in every area of my life, though I stumble at times. I am comfortable enough in my own skin to follow my heart and be true to my essence. So for years while scrolling through my Facebook timeline/Twitter feeds and observing people tackling goals and soaring ever higher professionally, I remained a little detached and wondered what the big fuss was all about. Eventually my life circumstances and the waning interest in my job collided and blossomed into the life I have now. I carry business cards, network, eagerly share social findings, engage with people online and write about whatever my heart desires. I realize that what excites me is its own perfect blend of my interests and my God-given personality.


Basically I am a late bloomer. It took a while to figure out what was a perfect expression and extension for me. My answer rested within my reach, as near as the next computer, smartphone or tablet. Honestly I am not a Millenial or 80s baby. Born after the turbulent Civil Rights Movement, I hail from Generation X. When email or “electronic mail” came on the scene, I was a young teenager so I actually wrote my pen pal in England. We penned letters, sent postcards and occasionally called each other on a landline for a quick 10-minute conversation. But fast forward to the late 90s and 2000s and now the Internet is accessible to nearly everyone through a number of devices. The dawn of the digital age allows me to express myself creatively while integrating and sharing so much of who I am to anyone on the planet. If I feel like talking about travel, dating, Jesus, fashion trends or natural hair, I have the freedom and a platform that was not available 20 years ago. I almost feel like technology had to catch up to me to be able to pursue my heart’s desire. I just had to plug in to what was already prepared for me.

So I encourage anyone that’s languishing in a dead-end career that brings no joy or someone looking for a new job to chase your passion. It doesn’t have to be an all-consuming fire. Maybe it’s just a spark, something that moves you and makes you smile. Fuel it, be consistent and patient and watch the tide turn. Pray for direction all along the way. Truly I did not have any idea how long it would take me to make a career switch, but once my mind was made up and I began to speak those things up with supportive action, my world began to line up. Suddenly one day I looked up and my dream came true. Now I have a foothold in the door and I am walking right into the blessing that was destined for me. I can’t say that I will ever be one of those hardcore business types. It’s just not in my general makeup and that’s okay. Everybody has their own personal brand of flavor and that’s the key ingredient for success. No one else can be you but you. You offer the world something no one else can.

If you are looking for a change, it can happen for you as well. Maybe you have a friend or family member that needs to read this. Start encouraging him or her and let them know it’s not impossible. It’s never too late to start all over again and follow your dreams. Carpe diem (seize the day)!!