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So I’m a teacher in children’s ministry school at my church. My age group is 3-4 years old. They are an eager, energetic, sensitive and funny bunch of kids. They are truly little adults. The boys can be just as rambunctious and competitive as grown men on a basketball court. The girls can be just as opinionated and sassy as grown women at a hair salon. And though physically and cognitively they may not be able to do as much as their will wants, they certainly give it a try.

Even with something as mundane as washing hands, my kids will insist they’ve got it covered. “I got it!” exclaimed one beautiful little girl with big pretty eyes told me one day. As all the soap I just squeezed into her little hands ran off her palm and into the sink, she insisted she knew what she was doing. I usually playfully tell them, “Make bubbles!”

Girl Play by Geww

Girl Play by Geww

There’s just something in us that begins not long after we leave our mother’s womb that demands independence. Unfortunately we often have no idea how ridiculous we look asserting our own authority in the face of mediocre results, at best. How many times have I heard my young students say, “I can do it.” and then eventually after struggling to accomplish a task beyond their current abilities they say, “Can you help me?” What I think we miss as adults is that we look just as ill-equipped and clumsy to God as my kids look to me. We get ourselves entangled in so many situations and difficulties because we have the very same stance: “I got it God. I don’t need you to help me with this.” Days, months, or years later we end up on our knees holding the broken pieces of our lives, asking God for help. We can’t get far in our own strength to make it to the next phase of growth. My babies teach me so much about life and how God wants to truly be Lord of our lives, leading us into good things and a life that will give glory to Him.

Be blessed!