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I know I’ve been offline for a minute. It was for a good reason. I just moved to a new place and we all know that’s a lot of WORK. Along with adjusting to a new job, I began to get ready for my move. I was intentional about planning it well in advance, being thorough and detailed. As is God’s way, I learned more about myself and Him at the same time. Right now is a season of change for me and I realize that with a shift in levels there comes great effort and real sweat equity.


Movement to the next level in life does not come without pain, sacrifice and mistakes along the way. During my time of packing, I was overwhelmed with the amount of items I’d accumulated that were either obsolete or no longer useful to me. Many items I gave away or threw out. The process was cathartic for me. It was as if I was shedding remnants of the past and preparing for this new phase of my life. As I look around my eyes are lifted to new vistas with exciting milestones on the horizon. I can’t be sure what I’ll encounter along the path, but I know I’ve pressed my way and that all my waiting and sowing has not been in vain. Through this transition the Lord has adjusted my spiritual astigmatism to see His provision and protection and I am more than grateful to witness His faithfulness.