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“Not everyone means well.” Our moms and dads tell us the cautionary words in one way or another. Backstabbers. Perpetrators. Weasels. Haters. Whatever you call them, the stories become reality over the years. It happens in every facet of our lives: church, work, school and family. Sad but true your loved ones can break your heart the most. And then there are people you meet at work and school that you gel with or start a great working relationship and then BOOM! Something happens that reveals the cracks and crevices in the alliance that was truly more delicate at deeper inspection.

Think about the moments in your life where you’ve received a breakthrough, a blessing. Maybe you’ve reached another level in life. Everything is so new and exciting, but you realize there’s more to this season than meets the eye. Sometimes you unwittingly walk into an atmosphere that’s a minefield, filled with obstacles. Battles and strongholds are all around. Folks laced in lies, facades and hidden agendas. It’s almost like a fairy tale gone wrong with wolves draped in pretty dresses and pressed slacks. It’s hard to push pass the situation. At times the atmosphere is even palpable, revealing true motives and attitudes. I’ve been there. And often we just want to flee. But what if we are called there? Maybe it’s for a few months or a couple of years. I promise that if God is in the midst, you’re covered. He has your back. It doesn’t mean you won’t suffer some persecution or rejection, but you’ll see His hand lifting you up and showing Himself faithful. You can feel pretty weak and wondering if you can take much more, but if you keep your heart next to God’s and acknowledge Him in each situation, you’ll find yourself living past those moments. You’ll see yourself breathing through it.

jeremiah2911All of us are laboring, pregnant with purpose — but what are we feeding ourselves in the period of gestation? We are all giving birth to something — good and bad. Of course it’s easy to commit to fruitless things and become horrified at the results we’ve produced. While the harder, heavier, weightier things are more difficult to endure. Too often we abandon the process and allow the dreams and promises to die in our arms. But if we can just press in, while focusing on the Author of our lives, we will find ourselves on the other side — better, stronger, wiser, giving birth to destiny and purpose. Don’t give up on desires God’s put in your heart. It truly is not over. Challenges will come. That’s life. People will be unfriendly, hostile, insensitive, but it only matters who’s on your side. He has a perfect plan for our lives and we owe it to God and ourselves to see it through to the other side. Let’s dig in. This song has inspired me over the years. Hope you enjoy!