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I like nice things. Who doesn’t? Something about a nice pair of shoes or a gorgeous new car that calls out to us. We let it say something about us. “I have means.” “I am important.” “I’m special.” For me I’ve never been into certain brand names. I just like what I like and if it happens to have a fashion label it is by pure accident. It might have to do with my childhood years and my very DNA. Growing up without a lot of money didn’t afford me the chance to live like some of the kids around me. I was just happy with small things. What’s your taste? Vintage? Modern? Classic? Eclectic?


I do like a little sparkle in my life. 😉

Somehow along the way I’ve learned the value of living within my means, stretching a dollar and though I enjoy nice things, it doesn’t rule me. My mom was delighted with the most simple pleasures: a great meal, a trip to a bookstore or a movie. For me, sitting in a coffee shop with my favorite latte and writing out my thoughts is a getaway for me. A great date to me doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. I’ve had the most fun making a dinner with a guy while my favorite playlist is serenading us through the evening.

The world is just more and more superficial nowadays, but I think the real plush life is one that is cushioned by the love of God. Right now I am nestled in His care and though from outward appearances my life may look lackluster to others, it’s very, very rich in the ways that matter.