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I found some really cool products lately and I thought I’d share. I signed up for Ulta’s loyalty reward program (no cost to join) and I got a FREE full-size Signature CK One Mascara for my birthday month. I was pretty excited because I knew I needed to get a new mascara anyway. It has a feature that allows you to expand and contract the brush to try different looks, and I’ve liked the look of my lashes so far. So sign up for the card for points, special coupons and to try out a new makeup item risk free during your birthday month.


Another sweet find that I am really excited about is Revlon’s ColorStay Gel Envy. I can’t keep color on my nails for more than a couple days with any type of brand without chipping for some reason. My toes fair better in the summer, but I like to have pretty shades on my fingers all year long like the next girl. I don’t do professional manicures so one day I had a $1 coupon for Revlon and decided to buy one of the polishes just to try it out for myself. It goes on pretty thick and drives fairly quickly too — which is great for when you need to head out and you don’t have a lot of time to wait. I put on two coats. Three coats would be too thick I think. Then I top it with just a clear coat to add some shine.

RevlonColorStay Gel Envy


In the picture above I’d been wearing this color for almost two days. I’ve been buying my bottles at Target for $5 which beats Etsy any day even though I love their colors too. It’s gets the Tiffany Seal of Approval. 😉

If you’re a fan of Bath & Body Works fragrances that are sweet and sultry, then you may just enjoy their new Wild Madagascar Vanilla product. They premiered this new scent for the fall season. I picked it up yesterday and the saleswoman told me it has a vanilla extract that’s exclusive to their stores. It has top and middle notes of fruit and flowers such as pear, plumeria, jasmine and apple that settles with dry notes of white sandalwood, Madagascar vanilla and creamy musk — reminiscent of incense without the heaviness.


I enjoy the scent and layer the fragrance mist with the lotion that leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. You may only need to wear the mist or lotion, depending on your body chemistry, but I find it works together to hold the scent for a longer period of time. Fans of vanilla can enjoy a little twist on the standard scent and enjoy smelling more like a grown woman versus a cupcake. Ha-ha!

Hope some of these shares are helpful and enjoy the beautiful fall season!